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Treatment available for Parkinson's through Mile Bluff's Speech Therapy

Over time, individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders eventually begin speaking quieter.  In fact, research shows that almost 90 percent of those with Parkinson’s experience speech and voice disorders, including a monotone and/or soft voice, amongst other issues.  As a result, these individuals report that they are less likely to participate in conversations, and have less confidence in social situations than others in their age group.  This deterioration in speech is thought to be caused by the weakening of the muscles and senses involved in speaking.

Fortunately there is help available locally.  Colleen Quinn, Speech and Language Pathologist at Mile Bluff, is an LSVT LOUD certified clinician.  This specialized certification indicates that Colleen is qualified to provide intensive treatment that focuses on rebuilding vocal loudness and daily communication skills.  The treatment helps individuals with Parkinson’s maintain and/or improve their overall communication.

The goal is not to train people to shout or yell; instead the treatment uses loudness training to bring the voice to an improved healthy loudness level with no vocal strain.  The training also helps those with Parkinson’s to recognize that their voice is too soft, and works with those individuals to realize that their seemingly louder voice is really within normal limits.

If you have Parkinson’s and would like help, or are interested in learning more about the LSVT LOUD treatment, call Mile Bluff’s Speech and Language Pathologist today at 608-847-1414.

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