Community Health Needs Assessment
Mile Bluff Medical Center
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Community Health Needs Assessment

When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, it created an opportunity for hospital organizations and governmental public health agencies to partner together to assess how they can improve the health of their communities by completing a community health needs assessment every three years.  This assessment works to identify the priority health needs of the areas served by hospitals.

In 2013, Mile Bluff, in partnership with other community health agencies, completed the Community Health Needs Assessment for the areas served by the medical center.  With the completion of this report, the group used the information to achieve several goals.
   -Improve overall community health
   -Promote collaboration and partnership to address top community health needs
   -Improve communication across all health sectors
   -Create awareness of comprehensive, high-quality healthcare services available locally
   -Reinforce a commitment that the people's health is the hospital's top priority