Employee Benefits
Mile Bluff Medical Center
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Employee Benefits

Mile Bluff Medical Center's benefit package includes, but is not limited to: 

Group Health Insurance coverage is currently provided by Unity Health.  Employees can elect to have a family, single plus one, or single-coverage plan.  Mile Bluff Medical Center contributes to the cost of the health insurance premium based on the chosen plan and the years that an employee has participated in the plan.  Coverage is offered to benefit-eligible employees.*

Group Dental Insurance is offered to benefit-eligible employees* through Delta Dental.  During the calendar year, the maximum benefit is $1,500.  Mile Bluff Medical Center contributes to the cost of the premium based on the plan chosen and the years an employee has participated in the plan.

401(k): All employees who have completed one year of service and who have at least 1,000 worked hours in a year are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan.  Mile Bluff Medical Center will match 100-percent of an employee's contribution up to five percent of his/her compensation.  Immediately, all contributions are 100-percent invested.

Employees have the benefit of discussing our 401(k) program with a financial adviser at no cost to the employee.  The adviser travels to Mile Bluff monthly and is also available by phone.

Group Term Life Insurance: A group term life insurance policy is available and 100-percent paid for by Mile Bluff for benefit-eligible employees.*  Individual amounts of coverage are based on employee classifications.  

Social Security and Medicare: As determined by IRS guidelines, all employees are required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.  Mile Bluff contributes an amount, in addition to an employee's contribution, that goes toward the employee's future Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Worker's Compensation Insurance: All employees are covered by worker's compensation insurance in the event that they suffer an on-the-job injury.  The premium of this insurance is paid for entirely by Mile Bluff.

Employee Assistance Program: Counseling services, work-life services, and legal and financial services consultations are provided free of charge to all employees and their dependents.  Certain restrictions do apply.

Paid Vacation is available to benefit-eligible employees.* Amounts are determined by an employee's status and length of service.

Regular Sick time is available to benefit-eligible employees.* Amounts given are based on an employee's status and hours worked per anniversary year.  Unused sick time is paid out upon an employee's anniversary month.

Sick-Bank time is a benefit for full-time employees.  It allows an employee to bank up to 60 days of paid sick time for use during an extended medical leave of absence.

Paid Holidays are available to full-time employees. (part-time as noted below) Each calendar year, full-time employees receive two floating holidays to use during the course of the year.  In addition, Mile Bluff recognizes the following paid holidays:

               -New Year's Day
               -Memorial Day
               -Independence Day 
       -Labor Day
       -Thanksgiving Day
       -Christmas Day 

All part-time employees receive a benefit of earning double pay for any hours worked during the above identified six holidays.

Other benefits:
                -Funeral leave
                -Personal leave
                -Flexible spending accounts
                          Medical flex
                          Dependent care 
    -Individual group life insurance policies
          Policies for your spouse and dependent 
          children are also available. 

*benefit-eligible is defined as
Full-time (1950-2080 hours worked per year)
Part-time I (a minimum of 1200 hours worked per year)