Our Services
Mile Bluff Medical Center
1050 Division Street | Mauston, WI 53948 | 608-847-6161

Our Services

Mile Bluff Medical Center and outreach facilities offer a broad range of healthcare services to meet the needs of our patients.

Some of the services include:

   -Anesthesia Services
   -Cardiac Rehabilitation
   -Diabetes Education
   -Hess Home Health & Hospice
   -Hospital Medicine
   -Immediate Care
   -Infusion & Cancer Care Department
    -Maternity Care
   -Medical Imaging
   -Nutrition Counseling
   -Orthopedic Surgery
   -Pharmacy Services
   -Pulmonary Rehabilitation
   -Respiratory Therapy
   -Sleep Medicine
   -Speech Pathology

Visiting Specialists

Mile Bluff partners with several medical facilities to bring additional services to patients.  Specialists from the listed fields visit Mauston regularly.

   -Cardiology (heart)
   -Gastroenterology (digestive)
   -Hematology (blood disorders)
   -Nephrology (kidneys)
   -Neurology (nervous system)
   -Oncology (cancer)
   -Ophthalmology (eye disease)
   -Optometry (eyes)
Oral Surgery 

   -Otolarynology (ear, nose throat)
   -Prosthesis (artificial limbs)
   -Pulmonary medicine (lungs)
   -Radiology (medical imaging)
   -Rheumatology (joints and tissue)
   -Urology (urinary tract and male reproductive system)