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Mile Bluff Medical Center
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General Information

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Visiting at Mile Bluff
Visiting hours for those in Acute Care or in the nursery are daily from 11 am to 8 pm. 

Before you arrive for a visit, consider contacting the patient you wish to see prior to your arrival. During a patient's stay, he or she may have medical testing or appointments to go to throughout the day.  Also, the patient may not be feeling up to having visitors. If the patient is feeling well enough to have visitors, he or she may have a specific time they may like you to arrive.  

Please do not visit if you have the flu or other contagious diseases, such as, chicken pox or measles. Exposure to these and other viruses can pose a great risk not only to the patient you are visiting but to other patients in our facility.  

For the best possible care, we ask that family and friends are as quite as possible throughout the facility.  Also, please supervise children at all times.

Recording Devices
The protection of confidential patient information, and the rights and privacy of our staff is of the utmost importance at Mile Bluff.  Keeping this in mind, we ask that patients and visitors refrain from using recording devices - such as cameras, cell phone cameras, video recorders, audio recorders and any other type of equipment used to capture or record images and/or sound - in public areas of our hospital, nursing homes and outreach facilities.  Thank you for respecting the privacy of our patients and staff. 

Free short and long term parking is available for visitors and patient directly in front of the medical center.  There is a drop-off and pick-up area in front of the main entrance of the hosital and at all outreach facilities for those who need it.  However, it is not an area to park your vehicle during an appointment or visit. 

Courtesy parking passes are also available at the hospital.  These are for people who have trouble getting around, but do not have an actual handicap permit.  The passes are available for temporary issues.  Mile Bluff's staff members will distribute passes as they identify needs; however, patients are also able to request courtesy tags when making appointments or when visiting the facility.  Vehicles with courtesy parking passes may park in the parking lot located on the far right side of the hospital.  There is an entrance on the side of the building so patients and visitors will not need to walk around the building to the main entrance. 

Mile Bluff Cafe
Mile Bluff Cafe provices delicious food, drinks, coffee and snacks for patients, visitors, and the general public.  With unique and flavorful daily specials, Mile Bluff Cafe is open every day from 6:30 am to 7 pm on the second floor of the medical center.  When the cafe is closed, soda and snack vending machinges are available on the first floor.

Complementary coffee and tea are available in the hospital waiting area.  If you are visiting an inpatient or are accompanying a cancer care patient, food can be ordered from the kitchen for an additional charge. 

Mile Bluff is Smoke Free
All Mile Bluff facilities are non-smoking facilities and campuses.  Please remember that smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building or on the grounds.

At Mile Bluff, the comfort, safety, and care of our patients is our top priority.  We encourage you to visit your loved ones that are in the hospital, but we also advise that you consider the patient's needs as well. Visitors play an important role in maintaining the health and wellness of patients too.

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