Family Medicine Physicians
Mile Bluff Medical Center
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Family Medicine Providers

The specialty of family medicine focuses on creating lasting, caring relationships with patients of all ages and their families.  Family medicine physicians are highly trained in the most up-to-date treatments and technologies.  Family physicians know that patients want more than a medical diagnosis - they want the comprehensive, personalized care that a family physician can offer.  

To learn more about our family medicine physicians, check out the links below.

    Timothy Bjelland, DO 
    Robert Buss, MD, D. ABSM
    Kevin A. Butterfield, DO
    Cristina Custer, APNP
    Lee Dresang, MD 
    Angela Gatzke-Plamann, MD 
    Timothy R. Hinton, MD 
    Ann Hoffmann, MD
    David Hoffmann, MD 
    Cassondra Kovach, MD 
    James Logan, MD
    Bryan Myers, MD
    Moiya Murphy, DO 
    Jane Peterson-Kattenbraker, MD
    Leon Radant, MD
    Paul Rudy, MD
    Kimberley Sabey, DO 
    Carol Stodola, MD 
    Cassie Sullivan, DNP, FNP-BC, APNP 

Certified Physician Assistants who provide family medicine services:

     Randall Brandt, PA-C 
     Anne Fenwick, PA-C
     Brad Ingraham, PA-C 
     Christine Jensen, RN, PA-C, MPAS 
     Cathy Kidd, PA-C
     Gloria Nachreiner, PA-C 
     Angie Olson, PA-C 
     Lisa Olson, PA-C, MPAS 
     Sam Williams, PA-C

If you are looking for a new healthcare provider, please contact our clinics. A New Patient Advocate will work with you to determine whether or not there is availability with a provider who is a match for your specific healthcare needs.  Thank you for your interest in establishing care with Mile Bluff!