Hospital Medicine Providers
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Hospital Medicine Providers

Hospitalists are healthcare providers who specialize in inpatient care.  Hospitalists work in partnership with primary care providers to meet the medical needs of patients while they are in the hospital.  While oftentimes primary care providers in the clinic focus on prevention of illness, a hospitalist's focus is to provide treatment for a current illness.

Hospitalists provide leadership - while collaborating with nurses, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, a dietitians, and other support staff members - to determine the best course of treatment for patients.  These specialized physicians also partner with a patient's primary care provider to provide the high-quality healthcare services in the acute care, or hospital, setting.

Hospitalists treat patients who require admission to the hospital, and also provide care to patients who come to the emergency room, are admitted to the hospital, and do not have a healthcare provider of their own.

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