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The vision of Mile Bluff's Audiology Department is to provide compassionate, professional and dependable care to all patients.  The audiology team is a leader in identifying, diagnosing and treating communicative disorders.  Our diverse line of services, provides an exceptional quality of care through our state-of-the-art technology and knowledge, allowing us to be the region's preferred choice in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders.

Audiology services are provided by Mile Bluff's experienced team of audiologists, technicians, and a hearing instrument specialist.  Not only do they perform hearing evaluations, they also assist patients with hearing device selection and fitting.  The staff members can also repair most makes and models of hearing devices.

You should see an audiologist if you are experiencing:
    -Dizziness/vertigo (whirling sensation)
    -Ringing, buzzing, or other noises in the head or ear(s)
    -Pain in the ear
    -Drainage from either ear
    -Sudden or gradual hearing loss in either ear
    -Fluctuating hearing loss
    -Existing hearing loss
    -Frequent exposure to loud noises

If you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms, it is important to have your hearing evaluated to help determine if your ear/hearing/balance issues require medical treatment.

Read Mile Bluff audiology services expand, continue to provide best in hearing care to learn more about our audiologists.  To learn more about the hearing care services at Mile Bluff from a patient perspective, watch this video and read Young HearStrong Champion inspires others.

Audiology services are available in four area locations: Friendship, Mauston, Lake Delton, and New Lisbon.  For more information about the department and the services that are provided, call 608-847-1414 or 608-847-6910 (TTY). 

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