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Mile Bluff Medical Center
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Infusion & Cancer Care Department

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The Infusion and Cancer Care Department provides chemotherapy treatments and other specialty services that are coordinated with oncology and primary care providers.  

In addition to standard cancer treatments and services, the department also offers a variety of outpatient infusion services.  Infusion and injection services are available to treat conditions like allergies, iron deficiency, Chron's disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and more.

The department provides the following infusion services:
-Antibiotic treatment
-Allergy injections
-Infusions for:
    -iron supplements
    -blood products
    -rheumatology (joints)
    -nephrology (kidney disease)
    -gastroenterology (digestive system)

Services for Mile Bluff cancer patients include:
-Chemotherapy administration
-Oncologist visits at our UW Specialty Clinic (located in Mile Bluff Clinic)
-Cancer screening and testing
-Therapeutic infusions
-Symptom and pain management
-Dietary referral/nutrition support
-Vascular access device care
-Social Services
-Hospice referral
-Palliative Care
-'Look Good... Feel Better' program for female cancer patients
-Wigs, scarves, and hats
-Rice bags and blankets (for comfort)

Treatments are provided in cozy private rooms that include comfortable treatment chairs, television sets, WiFi, private restrooms, and windows with a view.  In addition, there are often iPads available for patients to use during treatments.

Cancer care and infusions services at Mile Bluff can be scheduled between 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.  If you are traveling in our area, you can also receive treatments, with prior notice from your primary care provider.

The team of registered nurses work closely with patients' primary care providers, oncologists, surgeons, and hospital pharmacists to provide the best individualized care possible.  For details about Mile Bluff's cancer care or infusion services, call 608-847-9877, or talk to your primary care provider or oncologist about a referral.

For patients:
To learn more about neutropenia management, watch this video.

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