Industrial Rehabilitation
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Industrial Rehabilitation

Our on-site industrial rehabilitation (IR) services are provided by certified athletic trainers who are knowledgeable in their management, assessment, and treatment of work-related injuries.  Our athletic trainers work together with other members of the IR team to provide the best possible care to employees.

As an IR provider, our goal is to establish and maintain a healthy, productive working environment for all employees.  We accomplish this through early intervention strategies, injury assessment and treatment, and employee education sessions.

Our program helps area businesses prevent and reduce the amount of workplace injuries, improve the physical well-being of their employees, reduce the amount of worker's compensation costs and decrease "lost time" associated with work related injuries. 

In addition to our on-site services, our IR program also includes:
Functional capacity evaluations - these evaluations determine what percentage of a person's job relates to the duties they are able to perform.  These evaluations are completed after a work-related injury to determine if employees are able to return to their jobs after an injury.

Job demands analysis - During these assessments, data is collected about the tasks that are required to do the job.  The data is then used in things like job descriptions to describe what a person needs to physically able to do in a job.

Work hardening/conditioning treatments - Some injures cause individuals to be out of work for long periods of time.  The IR team uses these treatment to stimulate job-specific tasks that employees will encounter when returning to work.  These treatments help them build up tolerance for their workload again.

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Mile Bluff's industrial rehabilitation program can help businesses save money and better protect the well-being of their employees.  For more information about the services provided, call 608-847-1422.

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