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Sleep Medicine

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Need sleep?  We can help!

If you have trouble sleeping or do not wake up feeling refreshed, you may be one of millions with a sleep disorder.

Common sleep disorders include:
   -Insomnia - on a regular basis, a person has a hard time falling and staying asleep.
   -Sleep apnea - During the night, a person briefly stops breathing, or takes shallow breaths.
   Snoring is often associated with this disorder.
   -Restless legs syndrome - A strange and uncomfortable sensation occurs in the legs while sitting
   or lying down.  In response, the legs move uncontrollably.
   -Narcolepsy - A person has extreme daytime sleepiness and may fall asleep suddenly.
   -Parasomnia - Abnormal sleep behaviors occur - such as sleep walking, talking or acting out dreams.

There are several signs that could indicate you have a sleep disorder, including:
   -It takes you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night.
   -You frequently wake up at night and have trouble falling back asleep.
   -You do not feel well-rested, even when you get a decent amount of sleep.
   -When first waking-up, you feel as though you are unable to move your body.
   -Your bed partner reports that you make loud snoring, snorting or choking sounds while sleeping.
   -You have a regular dependence on caffeine and/or energy drinks to stay awake throughout the course of the day.

Use the Sleep Apnea Assessment Tool to further evaluate your symptoms.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, help is available in Mauston for those who are looking for a good night's sleep.

Mile Bluff Sleep Center
Our accredited, state-of-the-art sleep center features two home-like bedrooms with queen-size, adjustable beds, flat panel televisions and fans.  There is also a separate, shared bathroom in the center.  Watch Mile Bluff Sleep Center - Virtual Tour to see the sleep lab.

When you are referred to the sleep medicine program, you will meet with one of Mile Bluff's two diplomates of the American Board of Sleep Medicine at Mile Bluff Clinic.  If a study is ordered, it will take place at the sleep lab in the Terrace Heights apartment complex.  To review the findings of your study, a follow-up meeting with your sleep physician will be scheduled at Mile Bluff Clinic.  

During the sleep study, patients are encouraged to bring comfortable pajamas, their own pillow or blanket, or any other items needed to sleep comfortably.  In order to best simulate a typical night's sleep, patients are encouraged to follow their normal bedtime routines   Once settled in their rooms, patients can relax, watch TV, use the phone, or read before falling asleep.

Throughout the study, a sleep technologist will monitor sleep patterns, and can assist patients if they need to get up for any reason during the night.  In the morning, coffee, tea, and other light refreshments are provided. 

How to find the sleep lab
From Mauston, turn left into the first Mile Bluff driveway.  Follow it to the stop sign and turn left toward Terrace Heights.  The sleep lab is located inside the apartment complex.  Park in front, and enter through the main doors of the facility.

For more information about Mile Bluff Sleep Center, call 608-847-5000.

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