Speech Pathology
Mile Bluff Medical Center
1050 Division Street | Mauston, WI 53948 | 608-847-6161

Speech Pathology

Speech pathology care is available in Mauston for people who have speech, swallowing, and communication disorders.

We help patients who have experienced:
   -Stroke (CVAs)
   -Neurological diseases (ie. Parkinson's)
   -Traumatic brain injury
   -Down's Syndrome
   -Cerebral Palsy
   -Cleft Palate
   -Developmental disabilities
   -Swallowing disorders

Our speech pathology team also assess and treats children who have any variety of communication disorders.

This can include:
  -difficulties acquiring speech and language
  -impaired sound development
  -voice disorders

If you are interested in learning more about the speech pathology services available at Mile Bluff Medical Center, or if you have concerns about issues with swallowing or speech/language, call 608-847-1414.

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